Union of Concerned Scientists

Mission & Messaging Platform

Founded by Nobel laureate physicist Henry Kendall in 1969, Union of Concerned Scientists is the one of the largest, most credible bodies of independent scientists in the world. Since 2011 Rigsby Hull has advised the organization on communications and branding issues—helping articulate UCS’s mission, craft its message platform, and produce a broad spectrum of communications that powerfully advances the group's mission of using science to build a healthier planet and safer world.

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Brand Identity Explorations

Contemplating a change from its “globe & butterfly” logo, UCS commissioned Rigsby Hull to re-envision the organization’s visual identity. Our proposed “Blue Dot” symbol—a 3D-modeled set of logarithmic spirals generated in Fibonacci sequence—symbolizes Earth as a complex, interdependent orb of complimentary forces (and a subtle typographic “C”). Custom software developed by French research/innovation firm INRIA and University of Calgary’s InnoVis visualization lab animates the globe, rendering it in an infinite number of variations. Although this identity was never implemented it remains one of our favorite design explorations.


Signature Publications

Rigsby Hull helps UCS communicate its mission through a multitude of publications throughout the year. The program targets policymakers, donors, the scientific community, and the public at large, and includes UCS’s flagship newsmagazine Catalyst, UCS Annual Report and supplements, white papers and policy reports, donor communications, special event collateral, and more.