Taco Trucks on Every Corner

Grass Roots Campaign Generates Global Interest

In response to racist statements from Latinos for Trump, Rigsby Hull initiated a “taco trucks on every corner” movement in Texas. The project, partnered with Mi Familia Vota, has been covered widely in localnational and international news (see more hereherehereherehere). 

During the campaign’s first week NYTimes reported a surge in Google searches for registration information in Hispanic parts of Texas and other states. Crediting taco truck registrations, Harris County officials predicted a bump of as many as 175,000 registered voters. But the project’s ultimate success exceeded all expectations: Almost 324,000 voters were added to the rolls (breaking Texas and Harris Co records), with Hispanic surnames leading the increase by a wide margin. 

This story has communication design at its heart. Voter registration rules in Texas are notoriously confusing and difficultNYTimes documents Texas election results that are skewed “…due entirely to a misunderstanding or general lack of information…”. The information deficit is worst for non-English-speakers. To combat that, Rigsby Hull simplified and clarified a mishmash of information from government sources and created a high-quality Spanish-language translation. The resulting Basic Voter Guides / Guias Básicas para Votar contain everything Harris Co. voters need to know to cast a ballot (including an Election Day hotline), and were distributed along with registration forms by taco trucks throughout Houston from Voter Registration Day through Election Day.

NPR News writes that taco trucks “now straddle the worlds of political symbol and internet meme”. Will they ultimately help shape future elections? While that remains to be seen, we believe that adding hundreds of thousands of impassioned voices to the conversation this time was a great start.