Rebranding, Messaging & Media

LIVESTRONG Foundation—one of the nation's most highly-regarded and effective cancer non-profits—needed to disentangle from founder Lance Armstrong. Rigsby Hull rebranded the Foundation with a symbol Ad Age calls “subtle but substantive” and candid communications that The Wall Street Journal and others say may preserve LIVESTRONG's viability in “life after Lance.”

Social Media Campaign & Motion Graphics

Hoping to duplicate the success of the U.N. conference on AIDS, a U.N. Summit last fall focused world leaders on the global cancer crisis. Rigsby Hull helped develop LIVESTRONG’s “Face Up To It” campaign for that conference.

In Times Square, the New York Times, and circling the U.N. on billboards pulled by cyclists, the faces of LIVESTRONG's movement were everywhere for the conference’s duration. A Facebook app let 150,000 people add their pictures to a Rigsby Hull-designed video which played in Times Square continually throughout the two-day Summit. Other videos developed by Rigsby Hull were emailed to LIVESTRONG’s base, mounted on its website, and played at the conference and other events.