Data mapping gets personal

In September 1982 a group of friends, fresh college grads, met on the South Texas coast for Labor Day. So began a tradition, an annual gathering of the tribe that twenty years later had grown to include (all told) 150 friends, 5 dogs, 4 five-star chefs, several generations of horses, 5 watercraft, countless edible critters, 4 saints, two offshore drilling platforms and one unidentified body *.In September 2001 I hand-rendered the genealogy of that gathering which, for us, now marks the end of every summer. In the ten years since I drew this data tree, the connections have grown even more complex and layered. Only the meeting places—the two spots known we’ve known and loved for 29 years—have never changed.So, soon I’ll start work on the 30-year map: an interactive, Visual Thesaurus-style history of this annual fellowship of friends.                                     Check back Labor Day 2011 to see it.     -LR

* true story.