Bedside Reading

The Consumer’s Guide to Effective Environmental Choices

by Michael Brower and Warren Leon

This eminently practical book from the Union of Concerned Scientists is an engaging, thoughtful and clear. Buy several—it’s a perfect gift for the discerning high school graduate.

Consumption, Population and Sustainability, Perspectives from Science and Religion

Edited by Audrey Chapman, Rodney Peterson and Barbara Smith-Moran

Scientists and theologians come together to talk about our most urgent environmental concerns and consider alternatives for a sustainable future.

401 Design Meditations, Wisdom, Insights, and Intriguing Thoughts from 224 Leading Designers

By Cathy Fishel

Such delightful aphorisms as “True happiness is squandering yourself for a purpose”, and “Good enough is good enough if your standards are high enough” from people we know and love.